Edwin Vermulst participates in 2017 EUI conference on WTO case law of 2016

VVGB partner Edwin Vermulst participated in the Conference WTO case law of 2016, organised by Chad Bown, Bernard Hoekman and Petros Mavroidis at the European University Institute in Florence on 14 and 15 June 2017. The conference reviewed all Appellate Body reports and un-appealed panel reports issued in 2016 on the basis of papers, each prepared by a lawyer/economist team. Mr. Vermulst commented on the papers prepared by Mike Moore and Marianna Karttunen on DS456 India – Solar cells and by Phil Levy and Ilaria Espa on DS397 EC – Fasteners (21.5).

This entry was posted on 16 July 2018 by Jan Dorpmans.