Edwin Vermulst speaks at WTO Public Forum

At the WTO Public Forum, held at the WTO in Geneva from 30 September through 2 October, Edwin Vermulst participated in the session organised by the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) on ‘Why Rules of Origin Matter’. As trade counsel to the WFSGI, he discussed the interplay between non-preferential rules of origin and circumvention rules. Vermulst noted that trade in the sporting goods’ industry is deeply affected not only by trade remedy actions, but also by seemingly routine issues such as rules of origin and that all efforts towards increased market access and trade preferences can be undone by overly restrictive – and unilaterally determined – non-preferential rules of origin. He considered that the absence of multilateral agreement on both non-preferential rules of origin and circumvention rules in the context of trade remedy investigations leaves administering authorities too much room for result-oriented trade-restrictive interpretations and therefore favoured harmonisation of both as the lesser evil.


This entry was posted on 16 July 2018 by Jan Dorpmans.