VVGB clients A and J, Smart Tech and Procycle obtain exemptions in Bicycles anti-circumvention investigation

On 19 May 2015 the EU published the outcome of its nine months’ investigation into the circumvention of the anti-dumping measures applicable to Bicycles originating in China.

While the 48.5% duty applicable to Chinese bicycles was extended to Cambodia, Pakistan and the Philippines, the two Cambodian producers A and J and Smart Tech and the Philippines’ producer Procycle, represented by VVGB lawyers Edwin Vermulst, Juhi Sud and Simon Van Cutsem, all three received exemptions from this duty on the basis of the Commission case team finding that none of them had engaged in circumvention practices.


As a result, the 48.5% anti-dumping duty will not apply to them. The Commission Regulation with the findings is attached.

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This entry was posted on 16 July 2018 by Jan Dorpmans.