Bringing together the firm’s unique expertise in international trade, investment and EU law, this practice consists of:

  • Providing tailor-made advice to corporate clients who are considering incorporating a subsidiary or branch in an EU member state with regard to the international and domestic legal framework regulating foreign investment and tax matters;
  • Advising sovereign clients in the process of negotiating and implementing protection standards under bilateral and multilateral investment treaties, free trade agreements and double taxation treaties;
  • Counseling corporate and sovereign clients on the initiation and feasibility of arbitral cases, as well as enforcement of arbitral awards, including cooperation with cross-border claim recovery companies;
  • Representing corporate and sovereign clients in arbitration disputes, linking in particular international trade, investment and sustainable development (including human rights, labour, energy, technology and environment) issues;
  • Consulting on alternative dispute settlement mechanisms, including conciliation and mediation;
  • Delivering expert opinions in pending litigation before WTO and NAFTA panels, as well as domestic, EU and regional human rights courts.